The new materials

On the new packaging materials on the market you will find a multitude of logos, certificates, seals and undefined standards. The terms "bio-plastic" and "bio-film" are not protected, defined or industrially specified. At ROPEX we are increasingly confronted with customer enquiries such as: "We want to switch our production to bioplastics, i.e. to bio-based and biodegradable films, but our current sealing technology no longer works".

In order to explain the terms and make them easier to understand, we offer the following small help:


Bio-based films

Bio-based films consist partly or entirely of renewable raw materials. These include corn, potatoes, sugar cane and wheat. The proportion can vary between 20 and 100 percent. Bio-based films can be biodegradable, but do not have to be.


Biodegradable films

Biodegradable films are differentiated according to the duration of their biodegradation. According to DIN EN 13432, laboratories use appropriate scientific methods to test how long "90% biodegradation" actually takes. The classifications "biodegradable" (24 months), "garden compostable" (12 months) and "industrial compostable" (6 months) are confirmed and certified.


ROPEX offers you an analysis of your film. We understand the films sealing properties, determine the thermal process window and explore the optimal parameter settings of temperature, pressure and time specifically matching your application, independent of the printed bio logo.