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Application support

If you take a detailed look at a heat sealing system, you’ll find it’s often very complex because it’s made up of several different components, all of which have to interact with one another optimally. Each of these components has a specific impact on the results. We can’t simply assume that every user has this expertise at their fingertips; after all, the technology may only be needed very occasionally. The ROPEX “Application Support” department is there to help not only in this kind of situation but with all customer inquiries.

Our experienced technicians and engineers provide targeted support during the project development phase and beyond – if you wish, from the initial contact right through to when the complete heat sealing system is commissioned.

Benefits for you:

  • Effective approach
  • Time saving because fewer mistakes are made
  • The overall system is more reliable
  • Single point of contact

Collaborative development process




ROPEX receives an inquiry from a customer at info@ropex.de

The customer sends an inquiry regarding a heat sealing application to info@ropex.de

Customer inquiry

Most customer inquiries require a detailed description of the application, which ROPEX requests using a special questionnaire

The questionnaire provides us with all the information we need to get to grips with the customer’s problem

The customer’s project team are sent a questionnaire which enables them to give quick and easy answers to all technical questions relating to the heat sealing application about which they inquired

Feasibility study

In the next step, the engineers in our “Application Development & Customer Support” department establish whether the customer’s goals are achievable based on the information submitted in the questionnaire; they may contact the customer directly if any aspects need further clarification

The customer’s project team may receive a call from the responsible person at ROPEX if anything needs clarifying

Technology decision

A decision is now taken regarding the technology:


This depends on the project parameters, material information etc.

ROPEX asks the customer to provide a film sample for the project

Sample seal

Practical sealing tests using the customer’s actual film help us identify the relevant process parameters for the project and assess the seal’s quality and appearance

The customer’s project team receives the sample seal back from us together with the process parameters we have identified: sealing time, sealing temperature, cooling-down time, closing pressure etc.

Sample seal approved by customer?
Meeting with customer

The customer inspects the sample seal and appraises its quality and appearance

Technical design

All components in the sealing system’s control loops are specified and matched to one another based on the parameters

The customer’s project team receives a ROPEX Application Report containing all relevant data on the heat sealing application

Circuit diagram & parts list

The complete system is documented in a circuit diagram, a parts list of all components and a ROPEX Application Report

The customer can now request a binding offer from ROPEX if desired, based on the parts list

Initial machine startup (optional)

After integrating the sealing system in the target environment, you can also have it initially started up by ROPEX technicians

After-market support

ROPEX provides after-market support (consumables) for the machine based on the project data

The customer needs replacements for worn parts