Efficiently Packed, Perfectly Sealed

CIRUS in the Packaging Industry

With our CIRUS impulse sealing system integrated into their packaging process, our customer was able to quickly and easily increase the output of their existing vertical form, fill and seal machine (VFFS).





For several years, this customer had been successfully packaging their frozen food by means of a vertical form, fill and seal machine (VFFS).  However, a higher level of performance was now required, and their sealing process (which relied on continuous heating) made such an increase impossible. While searching for a solution, the customer discovered our CIRUS impulse sealing process, which is a much faster and more flexible option compared to continuous heating alternatives.


CIRUS is ideally suited to form, fill and seal machines (such as those used by our customer) since it offers the highest heating/cooling rates and, therefore, the shortest process times to be achieved. Because a relatively large amount of moisture can be generated during the packaging of frozen food, we recommended CIRUS in its “Fluid Secure” version, which offers greater resistance to liquids such as e.g. water in this case.


As we do with every customer, we initially carried out a feasibility study using the client’s polyethylene film. The objective is always to achieve a clean, smooth seam that is even and consistent and guarantees the best possible seal. This is exactly what our impulse welding process accomplishes.


We configured an entire film sealing system with our standard components that serve all common process automation interfaces and, therefore, can be easily integrated into the packaging process. The advantage is that the existing packaging machine could be converted to CIRUS quickly and easily.  Hence, it was not necessary for the customer to purchase a new packaging machine.


Thanks to CIRUS, our customer was able to significantly speed up the packaging and sealing process – with its proven packaging machine. The customer is also flexible in terms of materials and formats, since the machine parameters can be changed quickly and different film formats can be sealed without changing tools. The customer can therefore offer its product in country-specific packaging. Most importantly, with CIRUS our customer can guarantee sealing of the highest quality: The seam of each individual flowpack is strong, smooth and above all… reproducible.


"With CIRUS, our customer can seal their flowpacks with maximum efficiency and quality."



  • A strong, smooth, even seam
  • Increased machine performance
  • Cut and seal in just one step
  • The very first bag is sellable
  • Flexibility in terms of materials and formats
  • Easy maintenance
  • A robust, reproducible process
  • Improved process time/speed